Photo Uploads

When writing a blog post sometimes we want to add a picture.

Go to your admin panel first.

Go to the Tab “WRITE” and click on it

Adding A picture is done by scrolling down the write page – you will see the words “upload” and “Browse all” To the right you will see the word “Browse”, when clicked it will browse your computer so you can get the file the photo is in. Add a title to the photo and a description then Click Upload and it will upload your picture.

If it says the file is to large you must use the software that came with your camera or adobe Photoshop and Re-size the photo to a smaller size…(Recommended size is 300 pixels or less) that in turn makes the file size smaller and your blog page will load faster.
Re try to upload the photo and upon success you will have options…full size, use just a thumbnail ( very small) and send to the editor.
When you send to the editor it will add the picture to your blog post.
If you don’t like the location of the picture high lite the picture code right click with your mouse and “cut” put your cursor where you want the picture and paste.

If you have questions use the discussion board this way we can answer them and everyone can see the answers.


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