A Spam Comment Stopper Has Been Installed

Well, I tried to get akismet for BD Bloggers but they want cash, I wrote them and told them I offer blog hosting free.
I haven’t heard back from them.
I have done some searching for a spam arrester so we don’t have to put up with all the spam comments.
I have installed Spam Karma 2 (SK2) it looks to be working and hasn’t done any damage to the site…YEA!
We have activated it on three of the blogs.
To activate
1. (SK2) go to your dashboard and click on plugins you will find spam karma 2, activate it.
2. Go to your dashboard and click on manage.
3. Then click on spam karma 2 and take a look around this will complete the activation the (SK2) plugin for your blog

After activation you can configure your settings from there.
You will notice a Spammers beware of the dog on your blog.
This will disappear after (SK2) catches 2 spam comments.

I have looked this over and it looks like it should work well, but as always we are working to make the best blog hosting site here at BlogDumps so if you have any trouble please let me know.

All the Best

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