Well It’s here!

I added the great new feature to BlogDumps Bloggers…
You can now ask questions and see what other bloggers are up to in the BlogDumps Discussion Forum Just stop by and register.
The bonus in this is when you register you can now download the New BlogDumps Instant Messenger Send text and Audio/Video around the world to all your friends without all the bull…No adds etc.
If you need help most of the time you will find Trina Or Wolfbernz online on the Instant messenger.

I have had some people from all over trying to make porn blogs, Sex Blogs, Weird animal…Oh nevermind and nasty sites.
It has been a chore chasing these blogs and deleting them. After a while one would think after getting deleted 8 time they would stop, Ugh Hello!

All in all I am very pleased with the site their are some great blogs here, now over five hundred or so.

Well that’s the latest enjoy blogging


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