Cursive – Vocabulary Definition

Cursiveis a style of make-up in which all the letters in a countersignature are connected. It’s a.k.a. script or longhand. When the third-grade students well-read cursivecomposition, they were excited to get that they could write entire terminology without lifting their pencil from the paper.

Cursivecomes from the past participle of the Latin watchword currere. which heart to run. In cursive script, the letters all see one another and the trade runs across the foliate, ne’er lifting ‘between letters. Every metre a document asks for your feeling at the bottom of a document, you are meant to use this streamlined cursive genre.

Definitions of cursive

n quick book in which letters are country amply and are cursively connected interior words without lifting the makeup give from the paper

a small-scale longhand developed from uncial ‘between the 7th and 9th centuries and victimised in gothic manuscripts

a polished zeal of handwriting based on the composition used on copperplate engravings

a sprint of paw with the letters slanting to the right

a intelligibly written style of longhand with how to acknowledgment a site in an seek representative lowering round curves

something written by hand

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