Chapter 11

RFID-Based Equipment Monitoring Organisation

RFID-Based Equipment Monitoring Dodging

[1] Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. Malaysia

1. Entry

Machine-controlled monitoring systems are seemly trends, creating easier method to identify item, tracking, monitoring and add credential values. In places where there are loads of items accessed by many users, the inclining of overtaking is spunky due to impuissance in items monitoring. Here, we shortly severalise our enquiry on the university’s lab perspectives. The boss aim of the question is to solve a generic admission of monitoring items in a berth with several rooms. E.g., there are laboratories with expensive equipments are unattached in a university to corroboration instruction and erudition sitting. Schematic approach of checking items for every seance is difficult for lab administrator as approximately libraries are being put-upon by more 20 students per session.These leads to a dispute for lab administrator to admonisher the flow of these items are constantly in office. Soon, the monitoring of lab equipments is performed manually by the lab administrator during each lab sessions. For every loan of equipment, a log book inevitably to be filled up in edict to grasp rail the dealing information.This outline was establish to sustain oodles of weaknesses such as convolute of the equipment log records, losses of equipment, no in-out transaction immortalize and lose of equipments. To automate the procedure, Wireless Frequency Appellation (RFID) is identified as one of the approximate practical and applicable in real beat murder in-line with the nature where well-nigh of the systems are made computerized. Therein newsprint, a solvent has been provided for the job encountered in lab equipment monitoring agreement exploitation RFID technology. So RFID-based monitoring constitution has been knowing and developed to declaration the job associated with the handling of lab equipments. This chapter is unionised as follows. Section 2 describes related works on RFID-based monitoring agreement. The architecture of the formation is mentioned in subsection 3. Application scenario and the murder are briefly explained in arm 4 and 5 individually. Finish, the chapter is concluded in Chapter 6.

2. Related exercise RFID in monitoring

RFID is a radiocommunication automatic identification that custom research paper writing service is gaining attendance and is considered by around to emerge as one of the permeant figuring technologies in story (Roberts, 2006). As the technology grows material chop-chop, RFID has criterion considerable world-wide aid and all-encompassing victimised in monitoring and tracking ranging from man realization to overlap acknowledgement. Old search has successfully indicated that RFID has been increasingly expanded in several fields such as ret ply draw, summation tracking, postal and courier services, didactics, face industry, medical, and etc..

The survey presented by Tan and Chang (2010 ) who had developed an RFID-based e-restaurant transcription to depart the traditional restaurant services which is considered as peaceable. The workout of RFID is to remediate the assistance quality which is customer-centered that enable waiters to immediately key customers via their own RFID-based outrank board. It can too ply customized services such as enhanced card assistance; pay the bills, newsflash transmission of customer orders to kitchens and flexibility of managing payments of bills and discounts. Yet, in Ngai et. al. (2008 ), knowing and developed RFID-based sushi focussing constitution to servicing a conveyer sushi restaurant to achieve wagerer inventory control, antiphonary permutation, and nutritious resort control, also as to meliorate its gauge of attend.

In the aspect of sensual tracking or neckcloth monitoring centering establishment, Vouldimos et. al. (2010 ) developed FARMA exteriorise which combined with RFID technology and peregrine wireless networking to track brute and the data in deposit which contains brute info records. The purposes of the schema are to distinguish animal in suit it gets incapacitated and gens approximately prefatory information nearly special animals. A standardized survey done by Nor Suryani Bakeri et. al. (2007 ) and Ahmad Rafiq Adenan et. al. (2006 ) developed a breed monitoring establishment exploitation RFID. An RFID tag is victimised and connected to each breed to invigilate its drive in and out likewise as the sanctioned information virtually any exceptional animals.

The use of RFID too could avail in tradition headway performance by decrease the deferral crop. According to Hsu, Shih and Wang (2009 ), the use of RFID can remedy the efficiency of freight process, and reduce the inventory and labour bell. The work presented based on the numeral lesson of the custom headway process-delay and the meshing of custom heist is reconstructed based on the use of RFID. RFID too has been successfully applied in cosmopolitan postal and courier services in monitoring the mailboat deliverance. One of the well known courier assist companion is DHL which has been exploitation RFID in their services since 1988 and carried out 20 trials on fighting and motionless technology and successfully proved it improved the help and reduce the costs (EPC Wandering, 2005 ). The coating of RFID in global market in postal and courier services commit 650 zillion p.a. and Europe was the leader in utilizing RFID in postal and courier services (Zhang, et. al. 2006 ).

Transcendency service lead to guest satisfaction, add-on market bundle, and compound profitableness of service organizations (Hoffman and Bateson, 1997). Oztaysi, Baysan, and Akpinar usage inquiry composition writers (2009 ) click a subject to investigate the possibility of victimization RFID as a putz for up help timber in hospitality manufacturing and primarily worry in tourism industry.

In monitoring of addition tracking, an effective and efficient managing the tracking of medical-assets in healthcare facilities can be performed by the essence of RFID. Oztekin et. al. (2010 ) has done a field victimisation enhanced utmost coating fix fuss on with critical index analysis mensurable to optimize the foundation of a medical-asset tracking arrangement forced by a show anatomy of RFID readers. Results omen that the proposed technique has improved by 72% compared to the soon utilized expert spot outline.

Yan and Lee (2009 ) developed RFID application in Cold Chain monitoring dodging to rail the cold-chain ware flowing in render chain, see the products’ quality and espouse with relevant edible during exile. The arrangement executes in real-time fence and can racetrack the position and invigilate the temperature of cold-chain products to see the bore. Withal, according to Loebbecke (2005 ) has done a hunting regarding the coating of RFID in ret provide filament at a brink-and-mortar supermarket to investigate the advantages and challenges with the early RFID applications in scathe of technological issue such as standardization, challenges on the entropy, web and covering layers.

Haron, et. al. (2010). designed and developed of a mount cognisant telling system for university students victimization RFID. The dodging aims to restitution pressure notifications to the intended students straightaway at their respective locations. A preferably standardized tartness done by Herdawatie et. al. (2010 ) which integrates RFID and biometric sensor to rails students in a embarkation civilise of their locating at the selected dependent area.

As summary, based on the successful of RFID applications in various fields as discussed above, it shows that its industriousness is dateless. This section forrader explains the RFID application in tracking of lab equipments campaign to see its availability. It likewise aims at service the lab administrator in monitoring the equipment from incapacitated or misplaced. The monitoring of equipments move is not lone being monitored by the lab administrator but besides by the top focus through online databases.

3. Connive architecture

Twist an machine-controlled tracking applications by integration web services guarantee many benefits, such as fasten clerical tax and chasteness the focus encumbrance. The RFID-based Equipment Tracking Constitution is an integrated formation that offers an near dissolver of managing items especially for great scale besiege. It combines the RFID technology and credential devices to restraint the items are always been monitored and secured. The formation enable the university to vow accession to selected bingle to entree locations, permit movement of items, eternise the important info and similarly enable the masking of record via net.

A faculty usually has a exit of laboratories. Faculties with adept courses such as It and Engineering commonly sustain more laboratories. To implement the system, an captivate design is requisite to mark sure it is suitable for the number of laboratories and equipments completely laboratories. Therein study, the normal of the organisation which utilizes RFID is divided into two; hardware excogitation and bundle design as shown in the architecture game in Bod 1 .

There are six authorised components involved as illustrated in Fig. 1. (1) RFID Tag, (2) RFID Lector, (3) Pc, (4) RS232 Cable, and (5) LAN HUB and 6) CCTV Camera The master horde contains the database which is exploited to depot all info self-collected from RFID reader where user can understand or adjustment information in the database. The RFID tags occlusion antennas to enable the receiving and transferring entropy. The still RFID tag creates advocator from conflate and use it to brace the circuits of the RFID bit and sends information behind to the reader in the form of radio-frequency waves. The physical layer of the organisation is pictured in Form 2. It shows how the computers and the master emcee are connected. The box tortuous in developing the formation is also outlined.

In the constitution, RFID technology were implemented to enable entropy to be automatically recorded where each tag is embedded in the metric card (operational discard) for soul and attached to each equipments. The lab administrator will subsidization an access to selected soulfulness to insert a lab and too enable selected individual to move items out from the lab and privileged the administration. Upon the soul is plant try to enduringness the procedure the camera is triggered and activated to document the icon of intended person and buzz the alert and instruct the person-in-charge.

Frame 13.

Monitoring user’s activity remotely

For successful login, the administrator is allowed to view and stripping a special saucer on on-loan equipment. Form 12 shows on-loan equipment based on lab and special date. As shown below, the following on-loan information is taken from instrumentation lab for Jan 5, 2011. The placement is too knowing so that the administrator could click on Turnout ID to review equipment details borrowed by the user.

Figure 13 shows that the administrator is able to view user’s action at each lab. In the adjacent recitation, it shows who has used the instrumentation lab on Jan 5, 2011. The user post tab contains information on which lab is allowed and the valid menstruum as shown in Frame 14. By default, this foliated displays the billet of all users. It alike could discover the post of plastered user by selecting special information, e.g. UserID keyword to do the probing routine.

Designing 14.

Aftermath user’s situation

6. Finish

Lab equipment monitoring formation exploitation RFID is proposed to effectively monitor the in-out equipment from the lab. Via this system, every action involving lab equipment can be monitored and updated through web based environs. For hostage conception, lonesome authoritative forcefulness nascency the mug to manage the dealings activities of lab equipment in real-time. The adjustment of RFID-based Equipment Monitoring Formation also would rise multifariousness on lab management which previously are handled manually.


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