Please read the following carefully if you have a complaint about a blog hosted at :

  • Before contacting us, please consider contacting the blogger directly if you take issue with their blog. This will often work to resolve an issue immediately without involving us (or worse, lawyers). Some blogs list their contact info, or you can always just leave a comment on any blog post and it will get sent to the blog owner.
  • We take complaints seriously, but please be aware that unless a blog clearly violates our Terms of Service we won’t disable it.
  • Below are the official ways to contact us for various issues. Emails, voice mails, etc that are sent elsewhere will not get the desired response.
  • If you send us a complaint, we reserve the right to forward it to the blog/blogger you are complaining about (even if it is marked confidential).

Spam blogs

Please use this form to report spam blogs. We will immediately suspend any spam blogs.

Mature blogs

Please use this form to report blogs with mature topics (erotica, porn, etc). Mature blogs are welcome on, but we will review them to make sure that they are not too graphic for our community.

Copyright violations

If one of our blogs features content that is owned by you (and you did not authorize your content to be published by the blog in question), please use our DMCA reporting process. We respond to all properly formatted DMCA complaints.


If someone is using your trademark on to provide a service that is substantially similar to yours, please email us at .

Defamation, abuse, threats

In addition to spam and copyright issues, we will suspend blogs or blog posts for the following types of abuse:

  • Personal threats and revealing of personal information
  • Calls to violence
  • Impersonation of a private person
  • Accusations that can be proven wrong (for example wrongfully calling someone a convicted felon)

If you find such content on please report it to Please provide specific links and/or quotations of the offending material or your complaint will be ignored. If the blog is written in a language other than English, make sure you provide a translation.

We will not suspend blogs for other reasons you might find objectionable. For example, we don’t suspend blogs for expressing negative personal opinions such as calling someone an idiot or crackpot (because those are opinions that can’t be proven right or wrong), for describing a negative experience they have had with a business, or for being offensive (see below for more information). Instead of asking us to suspend such a blog, please consider either responding in the blog’s comments or on your own blog/site to set the record straight, or simply ignoring the issue (blogs that use insults and bad language tend to have low credibility and low traffic in the first place).

Offensive material

We will not suspend content on grounds of being offensive. The team behind BlogDumps strongly believes in freedom of speech. Our service is designed to let internet users freely express any ideas and opinions without us censoring or endorsing them. We think this has led to many great blogs being published on However, you may also find the occasional blog that offends you. It might offend us as well, but while we are strict about shutting down blogs that violate our terms of service (no spam, personal threats, incitement of violence, extreme pornographic material, etc), we will not shut down blogs because they are offensive. We think the right response to bad or offensive ideas is to speak out against them, not to censor them.

Law enforcement

If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, please contact us at .

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