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Blogdumps Now offers a WordPress blog, the latest stable version. With great tech support to answer all your questions to get you going fast. Need help getting set up? No problem we can help with our Free tech support!

You can create your blog by going to BlogDumps and clicking on “Create a Blog” or by going directly to BlogDumps Bloggers sign-up page.

There are over 2000 websites and more new ones every day, come join the fun!

For those of you looking for a new place to host your site you can import your existing Blogger blog and others to BlogDumps Bloggers

As you will see we use the widgetized themes, I find it simple and easy to use especially for newbies.

Also you can customize your website by uploading and changing headers and backgrounds on the different themes. We’ve uploaded a variety of themes for bloggers to choose from and we are working on installing new themes regularly. We are also offering the ability to make your own .css changes in the dashboard area.

We don’t have Akismet for spam, because they wanted me to pay 300 dollars or so a month for the multiple use license. So, for spam we found Spam Karma. It’s a nice spam catcher with a dashboard area of its own where users can tell the program what to do with certain comments (Like next time send this commenter through a capcha) I really like it. Spam Karma also can be set to send a spam summary report to the users email with a direct link for modification of spam comments.

Another benefit is that we allow advertising on the blogs. So if people are blogging for dollars, that’s ok with us!

We also have the gravitar plugin where a user has the ability to add their picture, or gravitar, to their posts and comments throughout the entire site. So for example, if I leave a comment on your blog and use the email address that I used to sign up for my BlogDumps Blog it will show my picture or gravitar. (the default is a happy face)

The free blog has 32MB of upload space… We are still working on more space for individual users for now it is the same for everyone.

About domain mapping, the only thing we can offer is url forwarding… we tested forwarding from Yahoo using forwarding it to we did a masked forward and it worked great. The same blog was also tested on, it was claimed as and was indexed as such. Technorati found the forward with no issues. We tried to use IP forwarding for one of the blogs and we could not get the issues worked out. The BlogDumps Bloggers site has a static IP but because of the scripting it won’t allow forwards to individual blogs to work. Some hosting companies offer IP forwarding and not url forwarding, Go Daddy for one was difficult for forwarding and we did not get the forwarding to work properly. Hosting companies like Yahoo and 1and1 offer url forwarding and it works fine. There is no charge to the user on our end for forwarding, they simply have to buy their name through a company like or Yahoo and forward it by URL to their blog, You can read more here about using your own domain. We will be looking into selling domain names in the future if you would like your own .com

We will from time to time show some Google ads in the footer, however we didn’t want people to think it was all about the money, so on the dashboard we added a place for the blog user to add their google adsense id and share in the adsence revinue 60 / 40 . This does not affect your own ads that you place on your blog, just the adsense in the footer.

The site itself is run on two brand new top-of-the-line servers with the core two duo processers with a 95 percentile burst so the up time should be 99.9%. There are server techs on 24 hours a day and are some of the best in the field and if we have an issue it’s not for long. Since the site has been, for the most part, completed we have had no down time at all. As you know being a blogger we are always trying to improve and add new features and option for our users.

And, finally, the best part about BlogDumps Bloggers is that we are always here to help. We encourage everyone to let us know about issues they are experiencing or any questions they might have. This helps us to build a better place for all of us. Constructive criticism is also always welcome.

All the Best

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